Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (1)The general assumption is that diet soda is healthy and ideal for people keen to control their weights.

It gives them something sweet to drink without making them pack in a lot of calories as is seen with most soft drinks. Diet sodas are made using artificial sweeteners to give you that sweet taste while still keeping your weight under control.

There has been a lot of talk on whether these sodas can make one gain weight and many suggestions and findings have been put forward.

So what is the truth; can diet sodas make you gain weight?

  • Conflicting results

Most of the studies carried out to determine whether diet sodas can result into weight gain usually have conflicting results.

Some studies done have indicated that people who consume diet sodas over time are more likely to become obese as compared to those who take regular sodas.

Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (3)The same studies also found that the more diet sodas taken by participants the higher the weight gain. However, these studies were mostly observational and therefore it is difficult to certainly conclude that diet sodas were solely responsible for the weight gain.

Some researchers have have also published studies showing that diet sodas confuse the body’s metabolic system since the artificial sweeteners trigger the release of insulin and this increases the rate of fat storage. The net result is weight gain. On the other hand, some studies have shown that people who take diet soda are better off than those who consume regular soda.

They emphasize that current science proves that low-calorie sweeteners like those found in diet soft drinks help to reduce calorie intake and aid in the maintenance of a healthy weight. Whenever a study shows that these drinks are harmful, another comes up to offer a counter-argument. There is a consensus though that the best way to have a healthy weight is by keeping physically fit and eating healthy.

Diet soda alone cannot help you lose weight if you have poor eating habits.


  • Diet soft drinks and obesity in babiesCan Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (2)

Another interesting study has published its findings. Researchers have reported that babies whose mothers consume diet soft drinks on a daily basis while pregnant are more likely to be
overweight. There is no clear reason why this happens and the study also fails to directly link weight gain in babies and diet soda consumption by mothers.

There is no telling whether diet sodas actually result into weight gain.

The conflicting research findings make this difficult to determine.

It is therefore upon an individual to watch his or her weight by avoiding the risk factors.