• 6 Health Benefits of Honey
    6 Health Benefits of Honey
    Honey is one of the oldest food and sweeteners on earth.
  • Health Insurance At The Age Of 26
    Health Insurance At The Age Of 26
    As a young adult, you can be covered by your parent’s health insurance plan until you reach the age of 26.
  • Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?
    Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?
    The general assumption is that diet soda is healthy and ideal for people keen to control their weights.

Understanding bipolar disorder: What it is and how to deal with it


Bipolar disorder is one of the most misunderstood mental health conditions. This condition affects around 5.7 million adult Americans, and yet almost all of us have some misconceptions about the disorder.

It’s time to sort out what bipolar disorder is and what it is not. By understanding this disorder, we can better understand ourselves or our loved ones with this condition.

What it is (And what it is not)

Bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic-depression, is a brain disorder associated with unusual shifts in energy, activity levels, mood, and the capacity to perform day-to-day tasks. The causes of the disorder are unclear, but it is more common among people with a first-degree relative with the disorder. Traumatic events can also trigger the condition.

Contrary to the popular belief, the moods experienced by a bipolar person is drastically different, and more severe, than the mood shifts of someone without the disorder. There are also four basic types of the disorder, each one having its own range and level of mania and depression. Manic episodes are those characterized by extremely elated and energized behavior while depressive episodes are those characterized by, well, depression and hopelessness.

Manic and depressive episodes

Detecting this disorder lies in knowing the symptoms of manic and depressive episodes.

Manic episodes have the following symptoms:

  • Becoming more active than usual
  • Unusually agitated or irritable
  • Thinking they can do many fantastic things at once
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling very “high”
  • Engaging in out-of-character risky behaviors like spending a lot of money or having reckless sex

Depressive episodes are characterized by the following signs:

  • Very little energy
  • Sudden feelings of hopelessness and emptiness
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Sudden decrease in energy and activity levels
  • Feelings of tiredness and lethargy
  • Thoughts about death and suicide

Bipolar disorder is a swing between manic and depressive episodes, and sometimes an episode with mixed manifestations of both episodes. If you begin to notice these things in yourself or a loved one, you should consider a psychological evaluation.

How to deal with bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder are not dangerous, and this is something that should be handled with compassion instead of fear. Dealing with extreme moods is not easy for anyone.

The first thing a patient needs to do is to undergo a comprehensive psychological evaluation to get a proper diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the patient should consider the various treatments that will be suggested by the mental health professional.

gdgdd64The quickest way to help patients manage their moods is taking medications. Often, these maintenance medications have to be taken over a continued period to avoid relapse. Also, studies have found that participating in patient-to-patient support group improved compliance to treatments by almost 86%, thus reducing in-patient hospitalization.

When the patient is showing dangerous behaviors, feeling suicidal, or becoming detached from reality (psychotic), the doctor may recommend hospitalization.

Act fast

Mental health is as important as physical health in living a balanced life. If you are noticing symptoms of bipolar disorder in yourself or someone you know, don’t ignore it. Often, prompt response avoids tragic consequences of the condition.

Observe the symptoms, talk to the person and get professional help. Bipolar disorder is a difficult condition to handle, and patients need all the support and understanding to get through it.


Women and Loose Vaginas


The woman’s vagina is a versatile organ that goes through many stages in a females life. From the time puberty, if reached, the vagina is ready for intercourse and pregnancy. Girls usually reach puberty during the age of 11, and 14 and after that, the physical changes are apparent with breast development and feelings that are mature.

The physical changes65jhvkjv

The vagina will prepare for intercourse when around and this causes changes in the vagina. The changes are more prominent in the vagina when the woman conceives. Since the body keeps adjusting to the changes when accommodating another human inside it is not a simple task. When it comes time for delivery, the trauma the vagina goes through is extreme. In such a situation the walls, tissues and muscles in the vagina are stretched beyond their limits. The vagina even though a flexible organ will find it hard to get back to the previous tightness and condition that it was. In such situation, women encounter various issues. Learn more at www.betterbodyhq.com/

The symptoms of a loose vagina

After childbirth, a woman may experience the following symptoms of a loose vagina.

Reduced sensitivity and pleasure during intercourse
The inability to hold too long when having to urinate
Less desire for sex
Reduced self-confidence when it comes to intimate relations

These issues often give women stress, and they look for ways to tighten their vagina.

How to tighten your vagina

The options available to women are few and therefore, let us look a the popular ones.

Surgical Vagina Tightening

Women often resort to this choice as they feel they will get immediate results. However, what they do not realize is that there are risks as with any surgery and the recovery period can be rather long. The cost of such operations can also be prohibitive to many.

6ibkjVagina Exercises

There are many natural techniques and some exercises that have been developed to help women tighten their pelvic muscles. While this process takes some time, the benefits can be long term. The is no cost other than the initial study material.

Creams and Gels

The new trend that is growing these days is the use if certain gels to tighten the vagina. These products are ideal for those who want to enjoy a great intimate encounter and want to give and receive great orgasms. They are made in such a way that the effects are almost immediate, and long term use will show permanent tightness of the vagina.


Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight?

Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (1)The general assumption is that diet soda is healthy and ideal for people keen to control their weights.

It gives them something sweet to drink without making them pack in a lot of calories as is seen with most soft drinks. Diet sodas are made using artificial sweeteners to give you that sweet taste while still keeping your weight under control.

There has been a lot of talk on whether these sodas can make one gain weight and many suggestions and findings have been put forward.

So what is the truth; can diet sodas make you gain weight?

  • Conflicting results

Most of the studies carried out to determine whether diet sodas can result into weight gain usually have conflicting results.

Some studies done have indicated that people who consume diet sodas over time are more likely to become obese as compared to those who take regular sodas.

Can Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (3)The same studies also found that the more diet sodas taken by participants the higher the weight gain. However, these studies were mostly observational and therefore it is difficult to certainly conclude that diet sodas were solely responsible for the weight gain.

Some researchers have have also published studies showing that diet sodas confuse the body’s metabolic system since the artificial sweeteners trigger the release of insulin and this increases the rate of fat storage. The net result is weight gain. On the other hand, some studies have shown that people who take diet soda are better off than those who consume regular soda.

They emphasize that current science proves that low-calorie sweeteners like those found in diet soft drinks help to reduce calorie intake and aid in the maintenance of a healthy weight. Whenever a study shows that these drinks are harmful, another comes up to offer a counter-argument. There is a consensus though that the best way to have a healthy weight is by keeping physically fit and eating healthy.

Diet soda alone cannot help you lose weight if you have poor eating habits.


  • Diet soft drinks and obesity in babiesCan Diet Soda Make You Gain Weight (2)

Another interesting study has published its findings. Researchers have reported that babies whose mothers consume diet soft drinks on a daily basis while pregnant are more likely to be
overweight. There is no clear reason why this happens and the study also fails to directly link weight gain in babies and diet soda consumption by mothers.

There is no telling whether diet sodas actually result into weight gain.

The conflicting research findings make this difficult to determine.

It is therefore upon an individual to watch his or her weight by avoiding the risk factors.

6 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is one of the oldest foods and sweeteners on earth.


It offers a wide range of health benefits to the body and this is why it is defined as one of the superfoods.

Here are some of the major health benefits of honey.


  • Energy booster

Honey does not only offer great taste, it is a natural source of carbohydrates that gives your body energy and strength to your body.

It helps boost performance, reduce muscle fatigue and endurance among athletes. Honey also contains natural sugars that play a vital role in preventing fatigue as you exercise.

The glucose is also absorbed into the body fast and offer instant energy boost. Fructose is absorbed in a slower manner, thus giving sustained energy.

Studies have also shown that honey has the ability to keep blood sugar levels constant when compared with other kinds of sugar.

  • Boost your immunity

Honey is a great immune system booster because it has anti bacterial and antioxidants properties that help improve your digestive system.

This makes your body gain more ability to remain healthy and fight different types of diseases.


  • Helps prevent cancer and heart disease

Honey has anti tumor and carcinogen preventing properties that help prevent cancer.

Studies have shown that it has the ability to prevent and reduce progression of cancer and tumor. In addition, it also contains flavonoids that help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

All you need to do to gain these benefits is to take it in its natural form.


  • Reduce gastrointestinal disorders and ulcers

Recent studies have shown that honey can be used to treat ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

This is as a result of the presence of antioxidants in honey.

It is also antibacterial meaning that it can help reduce other diseases caused by bacteria in the body.

6 Health Benefits of Honey

  • Heal burns and wounds

You can apply honey externally to heal wounds and burns.

It is effective as silver sulfadiazine which is used in hospitals to treat the burns and wounds.

It is effective because of its anti bacterial properties and presence of simple sugars that have drying effects to the burns and wounds.


  • Helps improve skin

The anti bacterial properties of honey make it useful for the skin.

When it is used in combination with other ingredients, it helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

To enjoy the above health benefits of honey, it is recommended that you use it in its natural form.